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Animal charity Operation Blankets of Love gets a financial boost from LUSH Charity Cup at a Los Angeles Store

MAYO Communications Aida Mayo mans a booth with volunteer Laurette Chapman and OBOl founder Eileen Smulson at LUSH store.

Volunteer Laurette Chapman, Aida Mayo and Eileen Smulson with “Ginger” at LUSH Charity Pot benefit at Westfield Topanga, Woodland Hills, CA.

If you love animals and organic cosmetics, chances are you’ll love the newest hand and body cream offered by LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics unveiled Saturday, Sept. 07, 2013, at the LUSH’s comestics store, Wesfield Topanga shopping mall, Woodland Hills, CA.

Lush story assistant mgr. Brittany Baima

LUSH’s Assistant Manager Brittany Baima, Westfield Topanga mall store discusses the new product creme and LUSH Charity Pot announced Saturday.

LUSH CHARITY POT for Operation Blankets of Love with Assist. Mgr. Brittany Baima (Video)

“We are celebrating our newest member label placed on our hand and body crème, Operation Blankets of Love, which provides shelter, comfort and pet supplies to scores of shelters and organizations,” said Assistant Manager, Brittany Baima. “100 percent of the proceeds from the Lush Charity Pot lotion are actually donated to charity.”

OBOL LOGO graphic with dog on image

Please support and donate to OBOL, which rescues 60 animal shelters and organizations in SoCal.

Charity is a huge part of what Lush does, too. According to Manager Hilary Pickles, “so far LUSH has helped 350 charities around the globe donating. $2.8 million to pay for fresh drinking water supplies, saving the environment and supporting animal welfare charities such as Operation Blankets of Love.”

The LUSH Westfield Topanga mall store donated $13,000 alone during Nov. and Dec., 2012.

shot of OBOL poster with Eileen Smulson and Brittany Baima.

Founder Eileen Smulson, OBOL with LUSH’s Brittany Baima, assistant Mgr. of Westfield Topanga pose for a shot at the LUSH Charity Pot event.

“We’re so happy that LUSH selected Operation Blankets of Love as their new Charity Pot products label,” said OBOL Founder Eileen Smulson, who was at the store with her dog,“Ginger” dressed in pink bows.

“OBOL is very proud to be supported by this wonderful organic, cosmetics industry leader, which has supported animal rights and rescue organizations like ours for more than 30 years,” said Smulson. For more on the story
visit: (click here)

For more about LUSH visit: and to donate to OBOL visit:


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