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October is National Book Month: Hal Becker’s Ultimate Sales Book teaches life secrets,too

Hal Becker, Author of ‘Hal Becker’s Ultimate Sales Book: A Revolutionary Training Manual Guaranteed to Improve Your Skills and Boost Your Net Worth’ (Career Press), (2012) by Hal Becker, Nancy Traum.

This coming Monday (Oct. 1, 2012) kicks off National Book Month. Every once in awhile you find time to pick up a book, scan through it for interesting information, only discover you can’t put it down until you finish each chapter, including the last one, “Cancer and the Importance of Questions.” Even if your child is selling Girl Scout cookies or Boy Scout candy bars, this fun-to-read book could be a life long sales guide.

Bonus: The national best-selling author Hal Becker lays everything out in plain English and simple steps to follow. In fact, you can go back and review his steps, or take his little quizzes in the 256 page paperback, ‘Hal Becker’s Ultimate Sales Book: A Revolutionary Training Manual Guaranteed to Improve Your Skills and Boost Your Net Worth’ (Career Press), (2012) by Hal Becker, Nancy Traum.

Becker conducts seminars and consults for more than 140 organizations annually, including Disney, IBM, AT&T, IBM, United Airlines and scores of other companies and associations. He’s the author of ‘Can I have 5 Minutes Of Your Time?’, ‘Lip Service’ and ‘Get What You Want’.

Becker’s Ultimate Sales Book covers everything from making cold business calls to closing the deal. And he should know being Xerox’s former number-one U.S. salesperson among 11,000 and among a top sales trainer in the country. The book contains tonS of practical info for the experienced sales person, who have forgotten some of the to budding sales people who need master the secrets of success in sales.

For example, early on, Becker talks about the “six rules of selling” that you’ll find in almost every sales book:

1-Know your product –“Inside and out.”

2-Know your competition – – “It’s not your enemy, it’s your best friend.”

3-Work harder – “Not getting up late,going home early, fishing or

4-Be organized – have“ a game plan, stay focus, make new business

5-Be assertive and consistent

6-Be honest – “Take time to think about what you want to ask-
‘The Magic Question’

The book has a perfect layout of graphics and a few cartoons to keep up the spirit of reading a wealth of information in a short period. There are a ton of books on sales, but this is a sales book and a crash training course on sales.

You also learn stuff we were told when we were a child such as, the art of listening or as he describes it, “The Power of Silence.” Additionally, you also explore time management and setting, but sticking to a calendar, or “The 15-Minute Plan”. That’s where you block out everything, write activities down and check it with your original plan later in the day.

The most hair raising part of the book, which hit this writer like a thriller movie with a surprise ending, was when Becker talked about “a pain in his stomach” and how he learned it was terminal cancer.

Becker was faced with the protocol of surgery to “stage the cancer, and chemotherapy treatments to ultimately cure him.” He went out of the box consulting medical experts and asked his doctor, “Why not skip the surgery and just do the chemo, and we can see if the tumors shrink or dissipate with ongoing CAT scans and then compare the results to the present CAT scan?”

Although his doctor said it was “risky” and a life gamble, Becker said, “It’s my life”, and he said, “The effects of surgery would be too great”, and it would not give him “the quality of life” he desired at age 28. That was 30 years ago.

Bottom-line: “The more you know about yourself and the other party involved, the more this info will end up being an asset to you,” explained Becker. “Remember, knowledge is power.”

In Becker’s story and book, it was a matter of life and death. This book is a must read and is sure to inspire anyone to sell anything, anywhere and at any time. Yes, even Girl Scout cookies.

You can buy the 256 page,Career Press paperback for $9.99 and order it Online:*edition*buyused

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