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The City of Burbank adds one more studio – The Royal Gor Studios signaling business is back

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Busines is back in Burbank says The Royal
Gor Studios CEO Gor Gevorkyan

Gor Gevorkyan on the red carpet at Royal Gor Studios

Gor Gevorkyan, The Royal Gor Studios CEO/President

Just when you thought things would slowed a pace in Burbank, where The Disney Company and other entertainment businesses are exploding with new construction, creating more jobs, Burbank just added another studio on the other side of town.

“We have a photo video company, which is mine, we have a talent agency, a marketing company and music producers all in one place,” said Gor Gevorkyan, CEO & Owner, of The Royal Gor Studios, 1631 Maria Street, Burbank CA 91504. “Our studios can be used for movies, commercials, infomercials, educational videos, screening videos, 3-D, chroma key, you name it we can do it here.”

The Royal Gor Studios Grand Opening

The Royal Gor Studios is also large enough to accommodate red carpet events and celebrations. On Gevorkyan’s grand opening and first class party attracted 300-400 registered  guests and professionals in film, TV, music, theater, fashion, production, commercial, models, actors, photographers, videographers, media, special events industry, and hospitality industry attended. It was a great Hollywood networking event for producers, actors, directors, singers and songwriters, who  packed the facility with more room to move on the dance floor. The drinks and food were free and no cover charge for the live DJ music and some guest rappers such as El Debarge Jr., performed live on stage.

Another Singer, Songwriter Junior Wright, who just released his debut album, “Come to Me”, said he was pleasantly surprised to see how big the studios are, and even got his photo snapped with Model Diamond McClain and other Singers and models.

inside the booth of a photo studio Junior Wright and Asian Black

Singers Junior Wright and Asia Black check out the photo booth at The Royal Grand Studios, Burbank grand opening.

Junior Wright “Come to Me” and “Private Dancer” video

Most new business owners are hesitant to expand business during this slow economic recovery, but Georkyan is optimistic about the future. “We’re not most people, and we don’t worry about the economy. As long as you you have a positive attitude, and a positive mind you can succeed in any economy,” he said.
Burbank also is home to Warner Bros Studios, Walt Disney Company, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon Studios, Bob Hope Airport and NBC’s Studios, including The Tonight Show. The event was put on by The World Networks, The Notice Network and The KAM Group. The Royal Gor Studios became a member of the World Networks, an exclusive professional global business network.

One of the key sponsors, Lousine Karibian, CEO, The World Networks at the Royal is also optimistic about the economy. “We’re thrilled to be here and to announced The Royal Gor Studios as our newest member to our exclusive professional business network designed to market members to their potential clients, and through monthly events.”  

Karibian also noted, “We are hiring and trying to create more jobs for young entrepreneurs here in LA, and for more info on those jobs visit:

For more about The Royal Gor Studios visit:


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