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Scientific and creative thinkers gather in Westwood for a NeuroVella: “The Fundamental Art of Being” benefit

NeuroVella: The Fundamental Art of Being
The 3rd annual fundraiser for the INI Foundation

This year’s event, NeuroVella: The Fundamental Art of Being, will explore diverse neuropathways that define our consciousness. RSVP for this event now, or inquire about sponsorship / partnership opportunities. Learn more about NeuroVella on Dec. 3rd.

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The Institute of Neuro Innovation (INI) will be holding its third Annual Fundraiser on December 3rd, 2011. The formal evening, sponsored by LANX, will be held at the W Hotel in Westwood from 7pm-10:30pm and will include cocktails, dinner, a silent art auction and music from DJ Julian Nolan.

This year’s event, NeuroVella: The Fundamental Art of Being, will bring together leading scientific and creative thinkers for an evening of thoughtful and entertaining presentations that explore the diverse systems that define our consciousness. Early evening displays will allow attendees to explore brain-mapping and brain wave control through hands on exhibits – including a video game provided by Neurotopia where the players puts on an IronMan-like helmet and control the game using only their thoughts.


The main program will feature nationally recognized authors and researchers, including Sheril Kirshenbaum discussing “The Science of Kissing” and UC professor and author, Darren Schreiber J.D., Ph.D, on “Our Brains are Built for Politics”. A special dance performance will featureSan Francisco’s groundbreaking dance troupe Capacitor Lab, known for conceptually- rich performances. Capacitor artists collaborate with members of the scientific community to create mind-expanding, heart-gripping live performances.
INI’s mission to increase understanding of how our brains work will open new possibilities for maintaining and optimizing brain function as we age. As INI’s founder, Dr. Amir Vokshoor puts it, “Neurovella is our answer to the hopelessness of current research paradigms, including many drug therapies. We need research into the exact mechanisms of neural networks conversational architecture that will be critical in addressing many ailments that involve NeuroVitality.  Healing, especially healing of the brain, is particularly affected by neurological tone and vitality.” In simpler terms, INI intends to unravel the mysteries, providing methods that individuals can use in their daily lives to promote a healthy brain and neural network. Much like working out a gym maintains our physical body, exercises in neurovitality will maintain brain performance and functioning, staving off the many neurological disorders that begin to set in as we age like Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, and Dementia.
Register for this event online through EventBrite, at  All proceeds will benefit the INI Foundation.
About INI: Founded by Amir Vokshoor, M.D., INI represents a revolutionary open-source, collaborative platform between clinicians, basic scientists, neuroscientists, and the community at large. The goals of INI are to enhance our current understanding of the aging human brain and spine with special emphasis on Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.  For more information on the organization and its cause, please visit
NeuroVella: NeuroVella represents the synergy of all therapeutics and technologies to optimize neurologic performance and function.  It represents a unifying place between art and science; between hardware and software, piercing the mysteries of the brain’s neural networks.  The combination of neurofeedback, neural stimulation, and neuroplasticity will be utilized and investigated through rigorous research, feedback, and outcome measurement tools. The science being developed combines current and future algorithms developed to enhance neurovitality by exploring the effects of creativity, imagination, art, meditation and mental focus on the aging, memory and cognitive processes. Of particular interest is the effects through research studies on the actual brain structure at the molecular, cellular or ‘nano’ scale.

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