Posted by: gmcquade | November 19, 2011

Santa Monica home to largest bike center in America

Bike enthusiasts can now take showers at the new Santa Monica Bicycle Center opned over the weekend.

This article first published as Largest Bike Center in USA Opens in Santa Monica on Technorati.

After sifting through bumper-to-bumper traffic Monday through Friday, Los Angeles area commuters flock to the beach to relax and hit the bike trails to enjoy the views. Now, they can do it in style.

The City Santa Monica, LA Metro just kicked it up a notch opening a $2 million, full service “Bike Center” they both claim is the largest facility of its kind in America.

A “hub” for the downtown community that offers close connections to existing and planned public transit, the new bike center will offer showers and lockers for regular commuters, attended valet parking for visitors, bike rentals and repairs, travel information and related services for all those who cycle in Santa Monica, a bike-riding capital of Southern California.

Santa Monica Bike Center
5,300 sq. Ft. SM Bike Center foot facility comes equipped
with showers

“Santa Monica is rapidly transforming itself into a world-class city for bicycling,” said Mayor Richard Bloom of the City of Santa Monica. “This new bike center, built from scratch into a major development site will provide commuters and recreational riders with all the amenities they need to better access downtown Santa Monica car-free.”

To celebBiking in Santa Monicarate the bike commuters and  recreational riders in LA County’s  most popular beachfront go-to places  there was a weekend of events,  including a ribbon cutting ceremony   and open house (10 Am, Friday, Nov.  18, 2011) featuring free bicycle parking, free bicycle rides and tours.
Two ground-floor bike center locations in the
Santa Monica Place Mall parking  structure combined feature nearly  5,300 square-feet of dedicated space  and nearly 360 secure bicycle  parking spaces, making it the highest capacity secure bicycle parking facility in America.


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