Posted by: gmcquade | August 25, 2010

ITEP selects Amy Grat, Los Angeles to lead successful educational nonprofit

Amy L. Grat –    CEO, International
Trade Education Programs (ITEP)

“I volunteered to be on the ITEP board of  directors, because I was inspired by the  powerful impact ITEP had on the lives of these  high school students,” said Amy L. Grat, CEO,  ITEP

Los Angeles, CA — Chair Caroline Brown,  International Trade Education Programs, Inc.  (ITEP) announced today (Wednesday) that the a  501 (c) (3) non-profit organization has chosen  Amy L. Grat as the new CEO, replacing Carol  Rowen, founder, who retired last month after  more than a decade of award-winning  community and business service and will remain  a consultant at ITEP. “Amy is a globally-focused  non-profit professional with more than 15 years of  experience raising funds, managing programs  and effectively building relationships,” said  Caroline Brown, chair, ITEP. “After an extensive  search we felt that Amy skills and professional  networks will enable the organization to build   upon our first decade of success.”

Grat, as a member of the ITEP Board for the past three years, has provided strategic input and raised revenues for the nonprofit 501c3 organization.  Prior to ITEP, she was director of Marshall Partners and associate director ofAnnual Giving for USC’s Marshall School of Business, where she received her MBA in 2008.  Earlier, she served as vice president of Investor Relations for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), where she was responsible for raising funds and developing the organization’s relationships within Southern California’s business, government and educational communities.

“I volunteered to be on the ITEP board of directors, because I was inspired by the powerful impact ITEP had on the lives of these high school students,” explained Amy L. Grat, CEO, ITEP. “Today I am thrilled for the opportunity to build on the phenomenal work done by Carol Rowen and our industry and educational partners in preparing job-ready and college-prepared graduates for careers in international trade.” For more visit:


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