Posted by: gmcquade | August 10, 2010

International Trade Education Programs (ITEP) and Banning High School Graduate Francisco Franco, who Runs a Trucking Firm is Featured in LABJ

One of ITEP‘s many shining examples Francisco Franco doubled the size of his business in June

Los Angeles, CA — “Trucking runs in my family,” Francisco Franco, who started the business at 18, told Writer David Haldane, Los Angeles Business Journal (August 2-6, 2010 issue), a weekly publication that focuses on mostly business executives targeting business readers in Los Angeles.

While everyone else is laying off or cutting back Francisco Franco doubled the size of his business in June, according to the LABJ article.  Franco told the writer “Franco Trucking company added two customers: LA Fashion Apparel Inc. and Elotex International Inc., both importers of clothing and fashion accessories from Asia.”

“Francisco Franco is  one of many shining examples of our ITEP academies, where graduates have learned skills to not only start their own business, but they’re learning skills that land them in jobs of the future at the Port of Los Angeles and financial institutions on the East Coast,” said Carol Rowen, founder and CEO of ITEP, who just retired.  “ITEP Academy students at the Port of LA International Trade Academy at Banning High School have started a recycling business  in Wilmington at the Conoco Philips facility and at Tesoro Refinery collaborating with SA Recycling. The money that the students receive from the recycling business helps support academy activities, Rowen said.

Francisco Franco, who just turned 20 – no longer drives his own truck. Instead, he oversees operations of his Carson trucking company he started in 2009 from an office in his parent’s den. For the Full story visit:


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