Posted by: gmcquade | April 10, 2010

PERI Software Solutions Inc. launches iSystem in USA

“This unified communication system integrates the entire work force to provide us with an efficient platform across the globe with our employee community and clients,” said President & CEO Sarav Periasamy, PERI Software Solutions

Newark, NJ/Los Angeles, CA PERI Software Solutions Inc., a global business solutions company announced today (Monday), it is offering its new scalable iSystem in America. The iSystem is a communication platform that integrates a number of options not offered by many other companies.

“The new iSystem will help small business with only just five employees to fortune 500 companies or utilities with tens of thousands of employees, ” said President & CEO Sarav Periasamy, who uses his global services while doing business in Chennai, India, San Jose, CA and his most recently opened office in downtown Los Angeles.

The iSystem comes with numerous automatic applications and provides less expensive solutions for financial institutions or large credit orders.  Some credit card processing merchants have already inquired about using the iSystem to handle an untold numbers of card users, who might call into customer relations for card theft, address changes, invalid card processing or balances.

“The iSystem reduces my company’s global infrastructure operating costs and offers a seamless communication solution with access from anywhere in the world,” said President & CEO, Mandeep Sodhi, Select Source International, a PERI Software Solutions Inc. customer and a global provider of professional services to major corporations worldwide. “With a secure meeting environment you can encrypt the conference call or meeting so only the invited attendees can participate. The iSystem is scalable and best technology for our company’s needs.”

The iSystem gives business owners the ability to handle more calls, integrate tracking, and even line encryption in one building or many locations anywhere in the world.

“This unified communications system integrates the entire work force to provide us an efficient platform across the globe with our employee community and clients,” said Periasamy.”

“A company may be located in New York City, but would benefit by having its call center in an area where the real estate is less expensive,” explained Periasamy. “Additionally, company customer relations management has options to handle all operations ranging from processing loans Online, to multi user conference calls. It cuts costs, streamlines business and helps expedite service in small and large companies,” he said.

Periasamy also noted that another critical feature for global business is the transparency of iSystem conference calls.

“For example, if an Asian company’s auto parts manufacturer based in the U.S. is doing  business in Korea, the iSystem allows them to make international calls without dialing a 10 digit number, because it comes with extensions, private outside and internal voicemail, and other options, which are all integrated into one system,” explained Periasamy. “Or if a company in America wants to do business or make calls to its Hispanic customers or offices in South America, they can dial an extension to get transferred, and what customers will love is the fact you do not have to be a techie or ask your IT department to set it up, you only need the Internet.”

If you go to a cable company for one stop phone/Internet service, you pay $30 per month, they give you a phone and you can talk as long or often as you like. But the moment you have three users, then it becomes $90 per month, 100 users $300 and so on.

“The iSystem is a communications infrastructure that will improve business solutions for small and large companies,” said Periasamy. “From conference calls to virtual call centers, there are so many options offered in a single platform. Today, when many systems have become antiquated and companies face the task of replacing the entire expensive system or integrating an affordable iSystem.  Once the iSystem is installed this smart technology will integrate voice, video and data into a single, robust, reliable communication platform.”

About PERI ( Founded in 1999, PERI is a global business solutions company, which has grown to more than 700 plus employees and delivers high value-cost effective technology based business solutions. For more info visit:
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