Posted by: gmcquade | October 11, 2009

Gov. could end part of the 710 Freeway Debate improving quality of life issues says Propoent Lee Dolley

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
seen above signing traffic congestion
relief on the 405 freeway, the busiest
in the nation. Another milestone
under consider is SB 545 for the
710 freeway.
(Photo by MAYO Communications)

Lee Dolley, former City  Attorney for the City of  Alhambra and Longtime 710 Freeway  advocate said, “This is  one of the most  important bills the  governor could sign  into law today that  would clean up the air we breath, relieve traffic congestion and make both sides of 710 Freeway happy.”

“Congratulations should go out to all of the parties, who supported bill and who have the vision to see a better future and improved the quality of life issues in Southern California.”

“I personally salute the City of Alhambra and other 710 Freeway supporters for their perseverance and patience. We look forward to working with everyone.”

Schwarzenegger could end part of 710 Freeway debate — latimes The half-century battle to complete the 710 Freeway through Pasadena and South Pasadena using a surface route could come to an end as early as today if Governor ArnoldSchwarzenegger signs SB 545.Lee Dolley, former Alhambra City Attorney Longtime 710 Freeway advocate says this is one of the most important bills the governor could sign into law today, and congrats to all.

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