Posted by: gmcquade | July 31, 2009

Students Learn Top Industry Skills During Recession

Economist Jack Kyser, LAEDC interviews with media after Economic Forecast event

Los Angeles, CA – When the economic downturn ends the need will be great for qualified applicants for the jobs of the future, and the International Trade Education Programs in Los Angeles are working now to help meet the demand.

The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. issued a report this month suggesting the economic outlook for the remainder of 2009 is bumpy but there is a chance economic growth will resume in 2010.

Economists with the Kyser Center for Economic Research, which unveiled its “2009–2010 Mid-Year Economic Forecast & Industry Outlook,” found that the California economy is in the doldrums and international trade at the ports is down but a slight recovery is expected next year.

“The ladder of success is at these students fingertips, now we need more mentors," said CEO Carol Rowen, ITEP.

“The ladder of success is at these students fingertips, now we need more mentors," said CEO Carol Rowen, ITEP.

“This is the main reason why California’s government and corporate employers need to look beyond the rest of this recessionary year,” said ITEP founder and Chief Executive Officer Carol Rowen.

In a new report, “A Year of Progress, Success and Learning,” ITEP notes it operated eight academies in programs during 2008-2009.

“Students in ITEP are provided with the skills need to make that smooth transition from high school to a future trade, transportation or logistics career,” said Rowen. “ITEP, advisory board members and school staff spent this academic year further developing innovative programs ensuring their students are more than prepared to succeed in today’s dynamic business climate.”

The LAEDC forecast projects the U.S. economy will shrink by 2.7 percent in 2009 and then grow by 1.7 percent in 2010.

“We think the economy is nearing bottom this summer, so the current economic news looks terrible,” said LAEDC Chief Economist Nancy D. Sidhu.

ITEP, a non-profit relies on donations and annual fundraisers for operating funds. Phineas Banning High School in Wilmington, Calif., is home to an International Trade Academy under ITEP, where students have won numerous awards for their knowledge of trade and internal business for creativity.

ITA students created a recycling program with Conoco Phillips and local recycling plants managed by two high school students. They recently competed in their first regional trade show in Oakland, Calif.

Global Safety and Security; Maritime Academy of Tourism, Cuisine and Hospitality; and Global Environmental Sciences Academy are all being offered at Banning High.

Barstow High School in Mojave, Calif., is home to the Mojave XP Logistics Academy. Carson High School offers the Global Business Academy, Excel High School offers Oakland International Trade, Transportation and Logistics in Northern California; and San Pedro High School offers Earth Alert Academy.

“We believe when the economy turns around next year, ITEP ( will be providing the training needed for the new jobs created under the new administration,” Rowen said.


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