Posted by: gmcquade | April 27, 2009

LAEDC Elects Lloyd Greif as New 2009/2010 Chairman

LAEDC has elected Lloyd Greif as the 2009-2010 chairman.

LAEDC has elected Lloyd Greif as the 2009-2010 chairman.

Lloyd Greif Elected Chair,  Maura O’Connor Elected Vice Chair of Los Angeles County Economic Dev. Corp.

 Los Angeles, CA — The Board of Directors of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) today announced the election of Lloyd Greif as the new chairman of the LAEDC, a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to attract, retain, and grow businesses and jobs in the regions of L.A. County.  Effective this month, Lloyd Greif succeeds Ray Holdsworth, vice chairman of AECOM, who has chaired the LAEDC Board for the past two years.  Maura O’Connor was also elected vice chair.

 “The LAEDC is the recognized champion of economic development for Los Angeles County and as our organization continues to play a leadership role in the advancement of critically important economic development initiatives, Lloyd’s experience and commitment will be invaluable to growing and sustaining a healthy, vibrant economy,”  said Holdsworth.

“The LAEDC is integral to the economic health of Los Angeles County and I am privileged to be entrusted with leading the Board and building on Ray’s extraordinary leadership,” said Greif.   “I am a Los Angeles native who has resided here continuously my entire life—I have a long-running love affair with southern California.  During the past half-century, I have witnessed the region rebound from numerous recessions.  The next year will be characterized by challenges, but L.A. County is the entrepreneurial capital of the world and I am confident we will weather the current economic storm in great shape.  Don’t underestimate the resilience and perseverance of the entrepreneurial spirit!”    

For more about Lloyd Greif and LAEDC please visit:

or click on press releases.  

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